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Pureté Du Bébé baby Girl Floral Bloomers

MSRP: £16.00
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Now: £9.00
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Pureté Du Bébé baby Girl Floral Bloomers.  Gorgeous baby girl floral bloomers, these can be paired with the floral dress to hide babies nappy.  They can also be worn as an outfit on there own and paired with a simple bodysuit.

  • 100% cotton
  • Machine Washable
  • Item is one piece
  • Dress & Bodysuits are sold separately.
  • Made in Portugal
  • Small Made


Sizing Guidlines

 3m - UK 0-3m

 6m - UK 3-6m

 9m - Uk 6-9m

12m - UK 9-12m

18m - UK 12-18m

24m - UK 18-24m